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What We Offer

The Mahana Magic Foundation hopes to comfort and empower children by giving them a sense of peace, confidence and control through supportive meetings with a Child Life Specialist (CLS), confidence building Ropes Courses, and Art Therapy opportunities.

Child Life Specialist
Our Child Life Specialist helps children learn life-long coping skills for processing emotional challenges and stressful events like having cancer in the family. The CLS embraces the value of play and therapeutic activities which support the optimal growth and development of the children through assessment, advocacy and education. The CLS also offers support to the parents by embracing the holistic approach to family center care, healing and understanding.


Ropes Courses
Our Ropes Courses and outdoor activity days help children build self-confidence and team building in an adventurous way. The fun events help those who don’t intrinsically have a voice, find the power to express oneself and open one’s eyes to the level of support from fellow peers and mentors.



Art Therapy
Our Art Therapy activities offer children a creative outlet to process and express their feelings through many mediums, whether it is painting, writing, or sculpting, the possibilities are endless.






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